Take Wing "Tengluni" is provided by Calista Education and Culture, Inc. supporting high school seniors in the   Kuspuk, Lower Kuskokwim, Lower Yukon, and Yupiit School Districts.


 Participating in a group called a cohort, students take part in a series of immersions that provide information   and guidance on goal-setting and soft skills training, review of post-secondary opportunities and career   planning, healthy choices, and Yuuyaraq lessons.


​ Student immersion participants (high school seniors) will have the opportunity for:

  • Yuuyaraq lessons and post-secondary preparation lessons delivered virtually.
  • Individual monthly mentoring sessions with Mentorship Directors, Assistance via phone or Zoom includes working on and completing the FAFSA and applying for colleges, trade schools, and scholarships.
  • Resources and materials that assist students with preparing for and achieving their goals.
  • In-person participation will be dependent on the current status of the Covid-19 pandemic. If travel is not available, programming and meetings will continue virtually, still giving students a chance to meet school representatives.

 Tengluni applications are being accepted for new participants in Cohort 5 through September 9, 2022.     This opportunity is open to students who are:

  •  On track to graduate in May 2023
  •  Attending the Lower Kuskokwim (LKSD), Lower Yukon (LYSD), Yupiit, or Kuspuk school districts
  •  Have an overall high school GPA of 2.0 or higher
  •  Have permission from their parent/legal guardian, and teacher or principal to participate


 Tim Lee, Project Manager

 E-mail: Tengluni@calistacorp.com

 Phone: (907) 275-2839

Application must be printed, signed, scanned and e-mailed to: tengluni@calistacorp.com